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BMW instrument problems:

Odometer failures are again the most common problem in mechanical and electronic units.

In earlier years electronic speedometers usually only required new gears to repair the odometer.  We are now seeing more instances where besides gears, the unit may require an IC chip or an odometer motor to complete the repair.

In mechanical units, usually a gear slips on a shaft causing the odometer to stop turning. In electronic units, a rubber-like gear tends to get brittle and lose teeth.  Motors or the electronic chip can also fail in these cases.

When performing gear replacement on electronic units, we always replace all three rubber-like gears while the unit is apart.

If a series 5 or 6 car experiences a loss of both speedometer and odometer at the same time, the likely cause is leaking batteries on the service interval board.  The original board is likely still in the cluster.  ProgRama in Boca Raton, FL (561-338-8843) carries replacements.

Some BMW models we service are:

BMW 2002 Speedometer 2002

If you wish to discuss your BMW instrument repair, please don't hesitate to call or email me personally.
Rick Borth

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